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Lots of News, Updates And New Meeting

Next Meeting is Monday, May 22th  Meeting

Fuji's Restaurant, 97 Sea Island Parkway, Lady's Island
across from the Shell Station in the Hamilton Village


Guest Speaker:

 Candidate for Congress District 1 - Tom Perez

(Challenger to Congressman Mark Sanford)


This Is No Joke!

Actual Legislation To

Subvert The Constitution

& Steal Your Vote!

Click on the below links

& watch the YouTube Video.

Don't stop there!

Pass this to as many people
as possible,
then contact your state Representatives & Senators.

This BLEW my mind!  This is HUGE!!! We got to fight this!  National Popular Vote Compact.

This movement is tied directly to Barack Obama and George Soros.  The want to bypass the U.S. Constitution, destroy the Electoral College and go by "The Popular Vote".

Think about that!  By passing these "Compacts" through State Legislation and going by "The Popular Vote"

HILLARY CLINTON would be our President!

The handful of states, like California, New York and New Jersey, would control and dictate the Presidential Elections.

If they can do that, what is next?

A THIRD TERM for Barack Obama?

Lots of News, Updates And New Meeting

Next Meeting is Monday, May 22th  Meeting
Fuji's Restaurant, 97 Sea Island Parkway, Lady's Island
across from the Shell Station in the Hamilton Village

Guest Speakers:

The Beaufort County GOP is holding meetings
I urge you to go to to find a meeting that you can attend.

We need people to fill the positions of Precinct President and Executive Chairperson, especially in Northern Beaufort County.

Unfortunately, our own SC Rep. Shannon Erickson is a Co-Sponsor on H 3516, which will increase the Gas Tax without reforming the DOT.  This means our tax dollars will continue to go down the General Fund cesspool.

Furthermore, should you buy a car out of state, you face a $250 additional tax.  While this sounds not bad, retirees or military moving to SC will face an odious penalty. What is worse, companies moving to SC to create jobs may think twice if their fleet is unduly faced with this additional fee per vehicle.

So much for job creation.

Will companies want to move to SC if our gas tax will increase $.10 per gallon?  Are we chasing jobs away, by not having the lowest gas tax?

Where are our fees from our vehicle registration fees going if not to road repair?


We are also fighting a "Gag Act" which means if we are part of a political party we cannot take a stance???  We cannot support our candidate?

Meanwhile, I have had communications that this is also tied into our Right To Bear Arms, which I will delve into, before I confirm that issue.

***** Needless to say, it will be a lively and pro-active meeting!


Be there or be part of the problem!!!!  No longer can we sit on the side lines.  The fight by the Left is taken to the streets.  Our fight is here and now.  Whether we are on the internet, in meetings, like on Monday, or in a Rally, we need to make our voices heard,

Will you join me and help the cause?  The TEA Party is not dead!



The Nominating Committee of the Beaufort County Republican Party is looking for people who would be interested in filling the following offices for the 2017 - 2018 terms of office. 

We will elect new officers at the April 2017 county convention and the new term would began at that time.
  Chairman Treasurer Southern Regional Director   For the the job descriptions contact me if you would be interested in running for one of the these offices.  

info: Contact Ann Ubelis, 843-473-7712

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The Latest!

The Beaufort TEA Party awarded

Katzu Fujino

owner of Fuji's Restaurant, 97 Sea Island Parkway, Lady's Island a Certificate of Appreciation for his selfless generosity and support of TEA Party values.
Take some time and visit and join.

We CAN, as individuals, be a part of the GOP and as The Beaufort TEA Party, remain uninfluenced and separate.

Candidate Event Schedule - Tim's Town Halls



Beaufort County Republican Party




Update from today - thank you for volunteers that have stepped up
If you are looking for ways to become more involved and help our Party revitalize itself we may have the right opportunity for you. In preparation for the 2016 Elections the County Republican Party is in the process of standing up and staffing various committees.

Please look over the following list of committees to see where your interests lie and where your skills may best be utilized. Should you have an interest in any of these committees kindly contact the committee chairman or individual noted.


COMMITTEE                CHAIR                  CONTACT INFO

Events Committee  -            OPEN     Jim Riordan  269-567-8118269-567-8118                                                                      

Fundraising Committee - Barbara Nielsen  843-836-3761843-836-3761                                                                                

Legislative Committee - Ann Ubelis     843-473-7712843-473-7712                                                                                      

Membership Committee -  Dick Foley   843-838-2767843-838-2767                                                                                      

Operations Committee -    Maria Walls    843-706-9061843-706-9061                                                                                   

Precinct Development -   Gail O’Kane    843-682-2756843-682-2756                                                                                        

PR Committee -         Joe Iaco    954-304-7179954-304-7179   

Our focus today is to complete the staffing of the Events Committee. We really need to have this Committee up and running to help organize the various events currently on our schedule and time is rapidly running out. 

Republican Party - NO MORE RINO's!


Recently, the Beaufort GOP has undergone a restructuring with new leadership in place.  Their web site which was not updated has a new look and better information and news access.

Jim Riordon the the new chair and is very much aligned with TEA Party and Conservative principles.

I encourage you to visit the page.

Beaufort County has over 90 Republican Precincts and less than half of them have the leadership seated.  If we are to help exercise our TEA Party values, I highly suggest if you live and vote in one of the empty precincts you volunteer to take the open positions.  Open positions are for the Precinct President, who organizes the precinct and schedules and presides over the meetings, and the Executive Committee-person, who votes on policy issues and attends all County meetings.  ** These are two important positions, especially of the Executive Committee-person, who actively shapes policies in the County GOP. ***

If you are unsure what precinct you vote in, go to and check your registration. 

Open Precincts are:

  • Beaufort 1 
  • Burton 1B
  • Burton 1C
  • Burton 1D
  • Burton2A
  • Burton2B
  • Burton 3
  • Dale/Lobeco
  • Lady's Island 1A
  • Lady's Island 2C
  • Lady's Island 2B
  • Lady's Island 3B
  • Lady's Island3C
  • Port Royal 1
  • Port Royal 2
  • St. Helena's 1A
  • St. Helena's 2A
  • St. Helena's 2C
  • Seabrook 2
  • Seabrook 3
  • Sheldon 1
  • Sheldon 2

The Latest

We can't always win, but we can keep trying!
We won on stopping the Pepper Hall purchase!  Thank you for your help!
However, the Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation Resolution passed. 
We will continue to monitor this issue.

Problem with it, is that it is vague, seeks to purchase property to build commerce parks and creates a Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation, like the Low Country Economic Alliance/Network.
     a - They will be business picking winners and losers and playing crony capitalism.
     b - They will be removing taxable property from the rolls, thus decreasing reviews.
     c - We know how successful the Beaufort Commerce Parks was, that even when    
          the City of Beaufort purchased it, it still is not filled!
     d - The LEA/LEN went belly up, reconstituted with the very same players and still

Support The Balanced Budget Amendment

Columbia, SC — Every legislative session has its signature moment when a piece of landmark legislation is signed into law by the governor.  This year will be no different.  The South Carolina legislature is grappling with education, roads, ethics and protections for battered women and abused children.  One of the most important pieces of legislation that South Carolina will consider is S-30, a resolution which calls for a Convention of the States for the limited purpose of proposing a federal balanced budget amendment.

If the South Carolina House and Senate were to pass S-30, the ‘Palmetto State’ would join twenty-five other States that have passed similar legislation which collectively taps into the vast powers granted to the States under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.  This authority empowers the States, upon the application of two-thirds the State legislatures, to call a convention to propose amendment(s) which three-quarters (38) of the States must ratify. 

This is not a RUNAWAY Con-Con or Constitutional Convention.

A Convention of States is narrowly defined to the ONE issue.
The delegates have One State, One Vote.


Go to:  to learn more!

If we must live within our budget, so must government!  Send the a message LOUD & CLEAR!



Write!  Make Your Voice Count!  Write Often!

Write To Congress and The White House.

Stop the Nightmare!

Write The White House

 Call, Fax, Write, Email  Speak Up!
If you can - Picket the Congressional Office Nearest You!

What Can You Do?

Get Educated

Read some of the following books

  • Mark Levin, "Liberty and Tyranny"
  • Jonah Goldberg, "Liberal Fascism"
  • Ronald J. Pestritto, "Woodrow Wilson"
  • Amity Shlaes, "The Forgotten Man"
  • Neal Boortz, "The FairTax Book"
  • Robert Gellately, "Lenin, Stalin and Hilter"
  • Murray Silver, "Daddy King And Me"
  • Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged"

 Invest Financially In Your Freedom

In the same way we budget for groceries, bills, etc. we now need to budget financially to support political action organizations who are looking out for us, as well as political candidates that espouse our core values.


Use T-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers and any other creative display to get your statement across.  Use a powerful message that anyone can read.  Exercise your First Amendment Right to Free Speech. (But please, keep it nice and clean!)

Get Connected

Visit websites that promote your core values and stay connected.

Get Informed!

We can no longer rely on a watchdog media to keep us informed of issues relating to freedom and morality.  So, get on the email distribution list of watchdog political action organizations who are keeping an eye on Washington.

Follow the links to the left of this page and get involved!

Minimize the Power of State Media and Hollywood Elite

Listen to talk radio, join a church, just don't take what is printed or in the media as the only truth.

Contact Congress on Important Legislation!

Washington must be reminded that any attempt to encroach upon our freedom, attack our faith and fiscal irresponsibility will not be tolerated!  Contact the White House, Senate and House by phone, fax, mail and email.  For contact information go to CongressMerge and

 Remember- 100 emails = 10 calls = 1 fax


Remember Our Motto:

"In God We Trust"

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